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The PROMETHEUS model provides detailed projections of energy demand, supply, power generation mix, energy-related carbon emissions, energy prices and investment to the future covering the global energy system disaggregated into 10 major countries/regions. PROMETHEUS contains relations and/or exogenous variables for all the main quantities, which are of interest in the context of general energy-economy-climate systems analysis. These include demographic and economic activity indicators, primary and final energy consumption by main fuel and region, power generation mix, hydrocarbon resources and international fossil fuel prices, CO2 emissions, GHG concentrations and technology dynamics for several energy technologies (including power generation options, car types for road transport, hydrogen production and end-use technologies). The model represents policy instruments for emission reduction, including both market-based instruments such as ETS carbon tax or cap and trade systems with differential application per region, and policies and measures focusing on specific carbon emitting activities.

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Manual of PROMETHEUS model