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You are here: News E3MLab contributed to 4 of EC Impact Assessments adopted on 17 May 2018, related to transport with the use of scenarios quantified with the PRIMES-TREMOVE model.

In the context of the Framework service contract for long-term quantitative assessment of transport policy scenarios signed between TRT Trasporti e Territorio SRL and E3MLab of ICCS on the one part, and DG MOVE (reference MOVE/A3/2015-420) on the other part the Directorate General requested a proposal for one assignment aimed at providing modelling support in relation to long-term policy scenarios and variants for decarbonising the transport sector in the European Union. The objective of the assignment was the provision of six long-term quantitative transport policy scenarios and four variants for all Member States of the EU. The scenarios included a range of policy measures to be evaluated in packages, while the variants were focused on sensitivity analysis, e.g. looking at the impacts of higher/lower taxation, variations in the intensity of a measure in a policy package.

Α number of scenarios and variants quantified with PRIMES-TREMOVE model (E3MLab) contributed to the newly adopted Impact Assessments of EC.

Please find below the link to the 3rd Mobility Package